Custom-made Personalised Book Gifts

  • Custom-made Books
  • Private Family History Books
  • Children's Books
  • Recipe Books
  • Memento / Keepsake Books
  • Other
  • (Something else in mind? Get in touch!)

    *Delivery to UK only.

    *Orders start from 1 copy upwards.

    Have an upcoming special occasion? Do you want to give someone a truly unique gift they'll treasure?

    Whether it's for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings or simply a memento keepsake book of a loved ones' life story, the possibilties are endless!

    You'll have a personal designer to work with. Easily submit your photos as individual high resolution jpegs and any text on word file.

    All books are designed from scratch which makes them truly unique and special in its own style. Why have a set template and have something the same as everyone else when you can have something that's original?

    You have the choice of having your books bound in various ways depending on the number of pages:

    Soft bound, hard bound, or saddle stitched (staples down spine)

    Book Cover Design Service

  • Full Book Cover (digital format)
  • Digital E-book Cover
  • Full book covers contain the front, spine and back. This type of cover is best if you want a printer to print out the cover and perfect bind it.

    E-book covers are book covers that display just the front. File format is in jpeg format suitable for displaying online.

    Book Layout Design Service

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Children's Books
  • Family History
  • Memento / Keepsake Books
  • Other

    (Get in touch to discuss what you have in mind.)
  • (Optional: printing and binding service available)

    We can design professional book layouts for you; whether it's for a private job or for publishing.

    You have the option of just having a digital PDF version of your book (this is ideal if you already have your own chosen printing and book binding company to use).

    You also have the 'optional service' available to you of having your books printed, bound and shipped to you. This is good if you want some physical hard copies without the hassle of finding another company to print and bind for you.

    *Delivery to UK only.

    Marketing / Promotional Media

  • Posters
  • Leaflets and Flyers
  • Bookmarks
  • Information Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Artwork
  • Other
  • (Something else in mind? Get in touch!)

    (Optional printing service available)

    There are many different ways to market and promote something.

    We work with authors to create different types of marketing materials geared towards helping them market their books.

    It's up to you which methods from the list you want to use as one method might be suitable for one person but not for another.

    You have the 'optional printing service' available to you should you want some hard copies but don't already have a printing company in mind.