Creative Dreams Publishing (UK) is an imprint and the book publishing side of World of Creative Dreams. We are one of the main publishers in Liverpool who specialise in nonfiction history and local interest books about Liverpool.

Note: *We are currently accepting Wirral book submissions for publishing consideration, so if you are an author of nonfiction history and local interest books about the Wirral please contact us.

Continuing on a Legacy

Our heritage stems from Countyvise Ltd (started by the late John Emmerson) who were one of the largest publishers of Liverpool and Wirral history books with over 30 years of publishing experience. Sadly Countyvise came to an end, but when one door closes another one opens.

Suzanne, one of the book designers at Countyvise had a great love for books and a passion for design (it’s her dream job!) she decided to set up her own book design and publishing house and continue on where she left off at Countyvise.

World of Creative Dreams (and Creative Dreams Publishing UK) is a company in its own right with its own new features, services and processes but with a few of the important elements of Countyvise still present at the heart of the business such as creating and publishing high quality books that people will enjoy reading and working in close partnership with authors.

Visit the testimonials page to see all the good things Suzanne’s authors have said.

The Start of a New Chapter

We are a cross between a traditional publisher and self-publisher. You could say we are a partnership publisher.

The traditional aspect is that not all books are accepted for publication. We are not a vanity publisher accepting everything that gets sent to us. Quality is a top priority for us so we only accept certain books that match our niche and are of a high standard and value to the marketplace.

Books that are accepted are designed, proofread and produced to the highest of standards and saleable quality. Books are supplied with our Creative Dreams imprint, ISBN number and barcode. Authors receive royalties (rather than an advance).

The self-publishing aspect is that authors are charged a fee for our creative services. You do not need to spend time struggling to find different people who do different things in order to bring your book to life; we take care of that for you.

Our services are all inclusive of the following:

- Professional book set-up (origination) consists of:

  • Full book cover design for print (and includes a complimentary digital front cover version)

  • Typesetting

  • Interior layout formatting and design

  • Making sure pictures are set to the correct resolution quality and print specifications

  • Proofreading

  • Corrections

  • Supplying our imprint ISBN number and barcode

  • We create print ready files for the printer.

- Printing We only partner with printers that match our level of quality. This means using quality materials and producing high quality print.

- Premium marketing services See the FAQ further down for more in-depth information.  

Traditional publishers may offer very little help when it comes to marketing after the initial publication, and self-publishers have to do all the marketing themselves. Here at Creative Dreams we work together with you as a partnership and help as much as we can when it comes to marketing your books; from channels of distribution to marketing materials and beyond.

We strive to work with you to produce high quality books your audience will enjoy reading. You can have a say when it comes to the production of the book, we can compromise up to a certain extent, however as the publisher we will have final say when it comes to the final quality of production. You are paying for our skills and expertise after all.

For authors who prefer to go down the self-publishing route sorting out your own ISBNs, marketing, printing etc, we do offer a professional design and printing service. Visit ‘Design and Print’ in the Author Services section to find out more.

 Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

  • Contact us first and tell us in detail (the more details the better) about your book project and to find out if we are currently accepting submissions.

  • We prefer to accept suitable manuscripts for books that are under 200 pages. Be mainly in black and white with minimal coloured pictures (we accept up to 20% in colour). The book covers we create can be in colour so you can provide coloured images for that if you wish. We mainly use pictures from the interior of the book to create book covers.

  • If we are interested in your book and want to see your manuscript, please make sure you set your manuscript up in Microsoft Word (text and images). It allows us to see what your book is about at a glance and helps us to consider if it's something we would accept for our publishing house. Should your manuscript be accepted, we can use the word file to import the text into our own design software for layout editing. Images would need to be sent separately, but this is something we will discuss with you.


How will my book be sold?

Books will be sold in various brick and mortar bookshops such as Waterstones and independent bookshops in the UK such as News From Nowhere as well as online on places like our Creative Dreams bookstore, Amazon UK and other online stores who decide to stock our books.

We also send out copies to the library legal deposits that's required by UK law.

Do you help with marketing?

Yes, it is a partnership with you after all.

Our *1 year premium marketing service comes with every book project we publish under our own imprint. Here’s an example of what we do:

  • We build a relationship and liaise with bookstores on a regular basis making sure they have enough stock of your book.

  • We create digital and printed materials and digital info packs about your book for our book suppliers and customers.

  • We create and display website and social media artwork and post on our social media pages informing people about your book as well as implementing paid advertising campaigns (this is done at various times throughout the year). Visit our ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Video’ section to see a sample of our creations.

  • We also work with partner media companies such as radio stations.

*If you would like for us to continue on marketing your book beyond the first year, we have marketing subscription plans available. The reason for this is because marketing can get very expensive over time, especially when we have many books to market for authors; it’s not economical for us to continuously market older books that’s already been out in the market for awhile unless they are selling extremely well.

We also have an optional bespoke marketing service that is available and is tailored to you.

For example:

  • Your own author website

  • Social media artwork for your own posts

  • Flyers, posters etc

You can discuss your needs with us.

Do I have to order books in bulk?

No not at all. After the first initial print order (minimum quantity is from 100) you can re-order however many books you want if required.

Will my book be a guaranteed success? (*Looks hopeful*)

No publisher, big or small can ‘guarantee’ a book’s success, to say they can would be doing you a disservice as it can lead to false expectations.

The tricky thing about book publishing is that you never know if a book will be successful or not. Some books don't do well and sell little, while others will do very well and sell a lot over time. It is the market interest that determines the success of a book.

We do the best we can producing your book into a professional one, and we take steps to market and promote it, but at the end of the day, it’s up to your audience to decide whether to purchase your book. This is not something we can control unfortunately.

Do you publish both ebooks and hard copy books?

Currently only hard copy books are published. Our ebooks are mainly just the first chapter of a book we publish as an online free read.

How much will it cost?

Ah yes, an important question! Your book is your pride and joy, you have spent blood sweat and tears and long hours of researching and writing it all out; the next step is to pass it to someone to produce it professionally and to the highest of quality. That’s where we come in!

Costs vary as it depends on what your book is like:- number of pages, how many are in colour/b&w, quantity of books required if more than 100 copies (which is our initial minimum order requirement from authors).

Each book project we take on is unique to one another so we prefer to price them accordingly.

To give you an idea on how much you need to budget for your manuscript, costs are typically between £1,000 - £2,500+ depending on what is required. Our services and processes are bespoke which is reflected in the costs.

Contact us to tell us about your project and for a personalised quote.

Do you have a payment scheme?

Yes, you can pay in thirds. We understand not everyone can pay a big chunk of money in one go, so we try to be fair when it comes to payments.

We accept a deposit as first payment before work starts, the 2nd payment at the proofing stage and the final 3rd payments (including printing costs) before we go to print.

Fantastic! I shall get in touch right now and leave it to your capable hands.

Thank you. We’re looking forward to working with you!