Things to Consider Before You Publish: Cost vs Value

Authors love to write. The hours and days of research (sometimes even months or years!), the chosen words, the plotlines, the flow of the story, the excitement, sadness and cliffhangers. It’s all part of a writer’s world; but it’s only one part of the whole creative process in bringing a book to life.

Once a manuscript is written the author may want to look into getting it published. There are different routes an author can take down the publishing road whether it’s through a traditional publisher, independent publisher, self-publishing the book themselves or writing it on a blogging platform releasing it chapter by chapter. Other things to consider would be whether they want their book to be a physical copy or as a digital ebook. Or both!

There are lots of different companies out there for authors to choose from, do a Google search and a whole list comes up… but how do you know who to use? What important things should be kept in mind when deciding?

For authors going down the self-publishing route, here’s what you can consider…

Cost vs Value

Something to consider would be the cost versus the value of the service you would be getting. Different companies charge different prices and offer different services. It’s up to you as the author to research these companies and find out if they offer a service that suits your needs.

Some authors may place costs as a priority over the importance of the value they would be getting. Some will want to do go down the DIY route and do everything themselves to save money, but in the long run it might be costing them MORE. Badly designed books (especially book covers) which have that diy look/feel are unappealing to the eye and could turn away potential customers, which in turn will cost the author in lost sales. The customers won’t know how good a book is, all they have is that first impression when they first look at it so it’s important to make that first impression count.

Bit Out of My Budget!

At first glance, you might think a company is charging a lot, but when you look deeper into the services that is being offered it might turn out to be worth it in the value you get in return. Things like setting a book up into a professional format, designing the book cover that is visually appealing, proofreading, sorting out ISBNs and barcodes, printing and distribution and most importantly… marketing. All of this takes time and expertise to achieve. A book is your investment, so it’s important to choose the right people to work with for a chance at better success. Paying for a professional service also frees up your time to focus on other things. If you are a bit out of budget, there’s nothing stopping you from saving up to work with your chosen company if you think they can bring you good value for money.

Remember to always weigh up the cost against what you will be getting in return in value. Look at the company’s website for details, contact them to ask questions on anything you’re not sure on. Don’t be shy! The companies that offer a lower cost may only offer a basic service and not a full service that authors want or need. “You get what you pay for” as they say.

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